XeX: Switches, Margin & More

XeX is being built as an execution platform, margin analytics and more.

Our value proposition:

  1. Execution & Liquidity - for fungible lookalike contracts across exchanges ('Switches')
    • Find liquidity from multiple sources
    • RFQ illiquid pairs
    • Match up liquidity without 'tipping your full hand'
  2. Asset Classes: Energy initially; expanding into Fixed Income, Equities (ADR's) and Crypto

Premium Add Ons:

  1. Margin Analytics
    • Real time Margin from 60+ Exchanges
    • WhatIF (incremental) Margin simulationss
    • Margin Change Notifications from 60+ Exchanges
    • Historical Margin Runs
    • Compliance metrics for middle office
    • Position limits
    • SA-CCR Optimization
    • Stress tests and prediction
  2. Multi-Party Compression
    • Bilateral Counterparties (minimum of 6 counterparties per asset)
    • Cleared vs. Bilateral (EFP's)
    • Cleared vs Cleared (OptiMargin)
If we build it, will you participate?

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